How the Proud was born

The Proud was born when our Co-Founders saw an Image, an Image that burned in their minds eye and continuously came back teasing them.

The image was of a pier on the east coast, the illumination was ominous and dark.  On the pier stood three partners in an effectively aggressive manner.  In front of them, 3 wolves.  Conveniently the three partners had the last name wolf, so the imagery had clout and impact.

Our Co-Founders joking discussed imagery of them riding lions into battle plastered throughout the city.  As entertaining as it would have been, when they found the cost of billboards were high, it dulled the idea for the moment.  Our Co-Founders had a connection to lions that increasing pushed up the interest in doing something with the imagery.  

When things gained traction

Our logo was designed and the imagery pushed the Co-Founders to develop their platform.

The main goal was to provide guidance and training to those entering the Industry, assist with those in the industry to progress and ensuring that they are getting what they are worth and most importantly, assist those transitioning out of the industry.  

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Each as important as the next.  

Our Intent

Our Passion and intent are very simple.  We are concerned with the direction of the recruiting industry.  Coming from the industry we ensured we took the good things and made them better and ensured that none of the negative was a part of the infrastructure of the company.

People are our business and whether they have experience or don't, they should be treated with respect and dignity.  

Even if we are unable to help, we are always open to having a conversation to either provide feedback or at least point people in the right direction.