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About the Firm:

This Firm began operations in 1979, when former classmates decided to open a law firm in what was then the new city of Mississauga. With the help of former friends and classmates who supported their vision, the men moved into a small office on City Center Drive with just 5 employees and high hopes to become the top business law firm in Mississauga and surrounding cities. Today, the Firm is a leading Canadian business law firm with comprehensive offering of legal services, now with over 24 lawyers and 60 staff members. 

The Position

  • Drafting correspondence, accounts, pleadings, briefs, various litigation requirements
  • Arranging for service
  • Entering and maintaining dockets
  • Managing files and records
  • Processing incoming and outgoing mail
  • General administrative duties
  • Performing dictation transcription
  • Preparing and updating forms

The Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in Litigation
  • Proficient knowledge of the Rules of Civil Procedure, Forms, and Practice Directions.
  • Strong proficiency with ACL/Summation and the Entire Microsoft Office Suite.

Compensation Package

Salary Range: $45,000 to $55,000

Benefits: Fully covered

Vacation: 3 weeks

Bonus: Yes

Parking: Yes

Transit: Yes

Compensation Package

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