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About the Firm:

This Firm began operations in 1979, when former classmates decided to open a law firm in what was then the new city of Mississauga. With the help of former friends and classmates who supported their vision, the men moved into a small office on City Center Drive with just 5 employees and high hopes to become the top business law firm in Mississauga and surrounding cities. Today, the Firm is a leading Canadian business law firm with comprehensive offering of legal services, now with over 24 lawyers and 60 staff members. 

The Position:

  • Working closely with clients to develop estate plans that creatively consider unique family situations as well as estate administration tax and income tax implications.
  • Providing estate planning advice to high net worth families, business owners, families of beneficiaries with special needs, blended families and individuals experiencing separation and divorce.
  • Providing guidance to attorneys for property and personal care and estate trustees regarding to their duties and responsibilities.
  • Assisting estate trustees in navigating the estate administration process from the initial stages of applying for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee through to the final distribution of the assets of the estate to its beneficiaries.

The Requirements:

5+ years of previous Estates and Estate Planning experience is essential for success in this role

Called to the Ontario Bar

Licence in good standing with the LSO

Total Compensation Package

Salary Range: $85,000 to $120,000

Benefits: Full coverage

Vacation: 3 weeks

Bonus: Yes

Parking: Yes

Transit: Yes

Additional: RRSP Match 

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