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Our Process

Our process is what sets us apart from the rest.  We The Proud, provide high quality customer service, courtesy and respect.

Each time you reach out to engage The Proud, you will receive an engagement letter outlining all of our terms and conditions.

We would then line up our candidates along with our analytics on each of them for your review. This is a part of the process where you will get our insights on the candidates, both positive/negative and things that the candidates need to improve.

It will truly give you a unique snapshot of each person.

Interested in hearing about how we can assist you? A full explanation of our services is just a click away.

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Constant Communication and Access

Tired of recruiters or sales people not getting back to you with updates or a simple touch point? We are, and that is why you will have access to the entire team that is working on your engagement.  You will always be able to speak to one of the team members and have as close to a real time update as possible.


Sometimes giving assurances on something just to get your business is a sign.  The Proud is about 100% honesty.  If we can't fill your position, we will tell you. If it is a difficult search, we will tell you why.  

Flexible fee structures

The Proud is about our results.  We are not a high volume shop that worries about numbers and holds our staff to strict targets.

We are about quality, in the end you pay for what you get.  Fees should always be attached to the results of a the search.  This is where our flexibility comes into play.

To learn more about how we calculate things, feel free to reach out to one of our qualified Partners

Guarantees that mean something

The PROUD doesn't use our guarantee as a sales tool.  It is something that each and every transaction requires.  

The Showcase

The Showcase is a service offering we provide our clients that has a 95% success rate.