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Our Process

Looking to make a move from your current place of employment can be a tough decision.  One that has to be made with care.  The "unknown" of what is out there can be challenging.  However, what you think is the "safest" thing to do, can be the most detrimental to the advancement of your career.  We are here to walk you through things, consult for you on options that are there.

We keep our process simple and effective.  Call us today.

The Proud is comprised of ex-legal professionals, we understand the nerves and anxiety with looking for other opportunities.  We have been there and we understand.  We are her to partner with you, work with you and work for you.  

Give us a call and lets have a chat!

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The Legal Industry is a smaller world than it was 20 years ago.  Today everyone is in touch with each other with the click of a button.

Your confidentiality is something that should not be taken lightly.

When you work with The PROUD, that's the only Company that will know you are looking.  

Our process is to provide a summation of your skills to our clients.  None of your personal information is shared.

Once the client has interest in your profile, we will then release your information.  That is only if you have given consent to move forward in the process.

Have peace of mind knowing that we genuinely want to help you the difficult decision in making a confidential move.

Our Partnerships

When you work with The Proud, know that your wants and needs are our intentions.  We negotiate for you, not against you.  Being aligned with those that represent you is vital for your next step to be the smoothest transition. 

Honesty and Integrity are two things that The PROUD takes very seriously.  The PROUD will be honest with you whether the news is positive or negative.

Constant Communication and Access

The one thing that we deem to change in the Industry is having someone that you can always speak to.

At The PROUD, everyone one of The PROUD Family will know who you are and the status of our searches and interviews.

Just because someone is on vacation, it shouldn't mean that you have to wait.  

You don't get one contact, you get the entire PROUD Family

Our Results

Our results are simple.

We make it our mission to find you another opportunity where all your concerns are addressed and the opportunity itself fits with you and your goals.

Your Success

Its your career and your success deserves respect.  It should matter how much or how little you have, we are here to help celebrate your successes.